Fender’s Tone Master Pro digital workstation emulates over 100 effects and amps

In my day (I’m wearing geriatric glasses), digital amp modelers were a bunch of bastards. It sounded like the groaning of mold. Things have progressed so much that by 2023 it will be difficult to tell the difference between digital recreation and the real thing. Fender’s new products continue this relatively recent tradition, giving you access to over 100 effects and amp models right out of the box.

Tone Master Pro is a standalone device that connects to your guitar and processes input audio. Create cool sounds by combining amp models, impulse responses, and effects, then send them to your favorite amps, DAWs, speakers, or anywhere else. The 8-core processor ensures a latency-free experience and seamless transitions between presets. The CPU also lets you load massive multi-amp and effects signal chains to create something unique beyond classic retro sounds.

Fender says the “tone, feel, responsiveness, and character” of each available amp model is “virtually indistinguishable” from the real thing, and it’s true that the “tone, feel, responsiveness, and character” of each available amp model is “virtually indistinguishable” from the real thing, and that it’s easy to mix and match or layer effects. This is from before. Additionally, Fender included over 6,000 custom-written impulse responses that recreate the tone of specific cabinet and microphone combinations.

There’s more to come on this front, as the device supports impulse responses from third parties. This includes other companies, of course, but also garden variety users. With his associated Mac/PC app, you can browse her nearly endless collection of IRs and presets from other players and Fender-certified artists.

There are four effects loops for integrating your own collection of pedals, instrument inputs, and XLR inputs, making it a versatile unit. It is also packed with features specialized for live performance. There’s a bright and easy-to-read 7-inch color touchscreen, a 60-second stereo looper, and new song and setlist modes that let you attach different presets to each track you set to play.

Fender promises regular firmware updates via USB. These updates bring bug fixes, new amplifiers, new effects, and other useful features. The first update will be released approximately 90 days later, and the second update approximately 6 months later. Tone Master Pro is available now, but with one big caveat. It costs $1,700. On the plus side, it’s only $17 per amp model and effect.

This isn’t the company’s first foray into digital amp modeling. The Tone Master Pro is the latest release in the Tone Master series, but previous entries were actual amp cabinets with added digital amp modeling. Fender also played with the idea.

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