Quick solution: What should I do about the double diamond icon in Chrome’s address bar?

As Chrome continues to develop, or as Google continues to tweak it, it’s becoming more and more likely that you’ll discover features you didn’t notice or suddenly see icons that don’t make any sense. I recently noticed an icon to the left of the bookmark star in the address bar that resembles twin diamonds.

Your first question might be, “What’s that double diamond symbol?” Second: What is a service handler?

When I hovered over the triangle to see what it was, I saw the phrase “Page wants to install a service handler.”

thank you. Clear as mud. What is a service handler? Should I let my page install a service handler?

When I clicked on the symbol, a box appeared asking me to allow that site to open related links, inviting me to: permit, deny, or ignore The default is “ignore”.clicked end, and the symbol disappeared. Nothing else changed. After a little research, there wasn’t anything else I needed to do.

(Note: If necessary, management When you click the button, protocol handler Settings page — more on that later).

Clicking on the double diamond will give you three choices for how to handle related links.

We found that these handlers allow links to open web services such as Gmail and Google Calendar. For example, if you want email links to open in Gmail, you can allow that handler.

However, if you click on the double diamond symbol, the default[無視]When I allowed it to be selected, Chrome figured out I didn’t want to bother with it, so the icon no longer appears when I visit that site.

But suppose you decide do If you want to associate Gmail with email links or other related sites with related links. How do I find the feature if the icon disappears?

Hidden in Chrome settings protocol handler Page (described above). There are two ways to get there.

Regardless of how you access your site, you can now adjust whether protocol handler symbols appear when you visit your site by selecting one of the following: Sites can request processing of protocols or Do not allow sites to process protocols.

Below these two choices you will see a list of sites that are not allowed to process the protocol.That is, if you previously clicked on the double diamond[拒否]or[無視]Select to display the site in the list.

here, X You can remove it from the list to the right of the site address. The next time you visit the site, the double symbol will appear again. You can then click again and make another selection.

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