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Once a distant star on the horizon, star field It was released on Xbox and PC on September 6th, with a five-day early access period for those who purchased the deluxe edition. It’s been a little over a month since the game has been in the hands of gamers around the world, and people are engrossed in its vast world, scouring every nook and cranny for loot, side quests, and more.

As expected, such a large game star field There’s so much going on (remember, there are 1,000 planets) that even after a month, people still have all kinds of unique quirks, charms, and things to point out, praise, and criticize. You should have discovered more than your fair share of weaknesses.

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whether star field will be as memorable as skyrim or fall out We don’t have all the details yet, but we’ll share some of the highlights within the first month.

star field Gets praise, but also some caveats

Since its announcement in 2018, the hype has star field It was real.Promises scale far beyond what Bethesda has offered skyrim and fallout 4, star field It will be the studio’s first original series since the ’90s and takes the Bethesda RPG format where it has never been before: into space.

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Since the long-awaited game’s release, reaction has been mostly positive; Some fair criticism of its structure And that’s the crux of many of its premier quest Kotaku‘s review star fieldI praised its scale, scope, and capacity for gorgeous scenery, but criticized the shallowness that permeated the game’s setting, narrative, and bleakly repetitive environments.

Typically, star field I’m not really sure that’s the future vision for the gameAnd in fact, This seems to be just an iterative improvement on what Bethesda previously offered, for decades at this point.But whether we consider it to be the kind of reliable, go-to experience that we know skyrim and fall out Or it’s because we can’t improve a well-worn formula. star field 2023 Game Rorschach Test.

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of The game is currently on Metacritic score 84 share similar positions and are well received Titles like August Armored Core VIHowever, it falls far short of blockbuster hits such as: The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom of Tears.

Player reviews via Steam But Bethesda has certainly taken a knife to this title, often describing the game as “disappointingly average” and “wide as an ocean, shallow as a puddle.”

star fieldThe scale and scope of the game is finally at players’ fingertips.

that was understood early on star field It’s going to be huge. Bethesda touted the great scale of the game and detailed how they ensured that the survival mechanics didn’t get in the way of the game’s enjoyment. star fieldcore experience. As they do in other space games, no man’s sky

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star fieldReception among people outside the industry and casual players is also mixed. While many of us do found peace, meditative beauty The game’s infinite planet simulation tested how mobile others could be star fieldIt turns out that the galaxy actually exists, and fast travel isn’t technically necessary. can fly across the solar system If only you had literally hours of real world time to spend.And you can do the following Speed ​​up space travel with MODs If you feel like it.

However, due to the size of the individual planetary zones you can land on, players have criticized that there are surprisingly few vehicles. Bethesda explained that it is considering vehicles.Instead, we wanted to prioritize the on-foot exploration experience. Plus, if we had a space rover, it would be a bumpy journey with all the objects. dead animals everywhere.

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Not everyone was sold. star fieldthe size and scope of, or how it is presented. That being said, we found some interesting things in the white space.from Star Trek atmosphere to Dead Space-Fear of the windto A very familiar planet Hello fanto The journey of beer across the galaxy, Bethesda’s space sim is full of fun surprises. This is in addition to fan-created ones like this great selection: Recreate spaceships from other sci-fi series star fieldshipyard. And even if you don’t want to be a ship mechanic, the game will happily provide you with its own very attractive space vehicles. Rewards for tackling the Razorleaf, Mantis quest.

And don’t forget, star field have some decent drinking fountains If you’re looking for a break from all your space traveling adventures and just want to sit in a weird space bar with a weird space bartender.

Wacky physics, fun mods, and other shenanigans

star fieldThe engine has some very impressive physics simulations. Sure, Bethesda games always have great physics, but star fieldseems to be a little more realistic and lively. This allowed players to: engage in some form of credit theftbut also gave some inspiration Pseudo-Rube Goldberg prank. Also, stuff a ship full of junk And potatoes.

As with almost every Bethesda game before it, modders have worked to improve the game’s rough edges. star field‘s experience. I’m still compiling a list of must-have mods for the PC version, but at a minimum you should: Consider installing StarUI To significantly improve the experience of a game that already encourages bad habits. The digital hoarder among us.

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star fieldThe modding scene is still in its infancy and we know it Good mod support star field is on the horizon. That being said, if you’re willing to try out a less useful mod; Would you be interested in the most useless changes? throw in star fieldcode?

In more interesting news, One star field Modders introduced DLSS (Nvidia’s AI-powered super sampling technology star fieldThe mod is now available behind a paywall thanks to an exclusive agreement with AMD. Now, a discussion about paid mods is worth having and is not within the scope of this article, but slapping DRM and threatening to sneak malware into pirated versions of mods is pretty damn bad.

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Hey, at least DLSS is here star field Through future official updates.

I’ve also seen my fair share of stupid exploits. yes, You can actually steal NPC clothes With the right techniques, at least for a while. This game had awful mud puddles that rained down in the credits. (It has since been patched).

In case you’re wondering, yes. star field There are also quite a few bugs. Throughout my time playing this game, I’ve seen errors that interrupt quests many times. Some have discovered that entire cities are carried along with ships. Given that I myself have played nearly 200 hours of his game, make sure to save frequently and don’t rely on autosave or quicksave. star field I like to break more often than necessary.

star field is just the beginning: DLC and more

Despite spending nearly 200 hours on it, star field, There are still new discoveries to be made. My opinions on this game are strong, but it’s great to see a game this big continue to offer new experiences the more you play.

as video game chronicle Director Todd Howard said in a recent interview that he has experience with previous games such as: skyrim and fall out taught the studio to design with long-term investment in mind.

“This is a game that’s meant to be played for a long time. One of the things we’ve learned from past games like Skyrim and Fallout is that people want to play these games for a very long time. It means you’re thinking about it. […] How can we make it feel natural? Anyone who has played the game and completed the main quest will understand that. ”

New game plus features This is one of the most unique and intentionally inventive elements. star field. However, Bethesda has hinted that certain elements of the game may change over time. We know that proper DLSS support and requested features like his FOV slider are on the cards, but in the same interview he said: Todd Howard said studios may be considering changing the way they destroy the environment. In 2022, Howard also plans to add a hardcore survival mode For those who want a space mom experience with more punishment.

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What will the future hold for star field I don’t yet know how it’s evolved beyond just repeated play. It’s hard to imagine the game receiving this same type of update support. no man’s sky However, Howard has repeatedly emphasized that this is a game designed to be played for a long time.

we know, Via details of the premium version of the gamea story expansion titled “Shattered Space” will arrive at a later date.

When hype and expectations meet reality star field Although it is more than capable of providing a fun and compelling experience, it also has more than its share of problems and weaknesses. During my first month with her, there were a lot of different opinions. star field Bethesda style games in general. But with promised new features, story expansions, and a growing modding community; star field‘s story isn’t over yet.

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