This pilotable mecha suit is up for sale for $3 million.

A Tokyo-based robot maker is selling a controllable mechanical robot that looks like it came straight out of Japan. Mobile Suit Gundam (or patlabor If you’re really cool) for a whopping $3 million.

Archax, named after a winged dinosaur believed to be the first bird on Earth, is a battery-powered, four-wheeled robot manufactured by Tsubame Industries. This robot can be driven by a person from within a steel cockpit in its chest, stands 15 feet tall, weighs 3.5 tons, and (most importantly) has an upright “robot” mode and a “vehicle” mode. Can be transformed between modes. Travels at speeds up to 6 miles per hour. Well, fast enough for jealous onlookers to get their generous eyes full of your mech in all its Tachikoma-like glory.


Archax’s Joints and operability points Controlled using a joystick and foot pedals, the cockpit has four display screens connected to nine cameras outside the cockpit, showing the surrounding environment to future pilots. according to Reuters. According to the company, the cockpit is also equipped with air conditioning. anime new network,that’s nice. Also, the robot has six colors: Sapphire Blue, Pearl White, Spark Red, Atlantis Green, and Midnight Purple. I love midnight purple.

Here’s a video showing what the inside of Archax’s cockpit looks like.

Tsubame Industries

Video of transformation to robot/vehicle mode.

Tsubame Industries

Tatsuo Yoshida, CEO of Tsubame Industries, said that unlike anime works, which often place you in the middle of explosive battles. Reuters He hopes Archax will be used for disaster relief and space exploration.

“Japan is very good at anime, games, robots, and cars, so I thought it would be great to create a work that condenses all these elements into one,” Yoshida said. Reuters. “I wanted to create something that said, “This is Japan.”

For now, Archax’s current model probably won’t be space or combat capable any time soon, but it’s an anime-inspired machine that looks just as cool as the website repeatedly reminds visitors. There is no doubt that there is.Things may change after that Macross Co-producer Masaharu Kawamori made the announcement. Collaboration with Tsubame Industriesbrings his own anime mecha designs to life. I’m sure of that. Archax is Japan Mobility Show October 26th and Pre-order possible What if you had $3 million sitting somewhere?

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